Out With The Old

When was the last time you gave out your Pager number to a client?  Have you called anyone from a pay phone in the last five years?  How frequently do you draft correspondence for important clients via a typewriter?  Furthermore, if the correspondence is urgent, how often have you sent it via post or fax machine?

The answer to all of the questions above is likely never or not all (unless you’re in the legal field, but that’s content for an entirely different post).  Your answers to these questions is likely accompanied by a chuckle or a scoff.  Who would use these antiquated technologies these days?  Do payphones or pagers still exist?  As funny as these questions may seem, many companies are making a similarly egregious mistake by using an outdated website; giving customers the impression that their businesses are behind the times.

In today’s business world, positive customer perception is critical for ensuring success.  Outward appearances can make or break your next sale, and can potentially eliminate the potential for creating lasting business relationships.  One of the most important tools for establishing your company’s reputation and/or appearance is your company’s website.  This is an outward reflection of how you operate, and oftentimes more-so than face-to-face interactions, your website can help to give potential clients an instant view into the quality of services that you offer.

When talking face to face with a client, you don’t hand them a hand-written business card.  That would look unprofessional, and it would reflect poorly on you and your company.  In the same vein, building and maintaining a professional website is just as important.  Here are a few questions to ask to help decide whether it’s time to consider remodeling your company’s website:

1.  Was your website built by a professional?

–  If your website was created by your neighbor’s son who claims to be good with computers and not a web-design company, it may be time to reconsider your approach.

2.  How does your site display on mobile devices?

–  Site traffic is going to come from PC’s and mobile devices.  It is critical that your site functions on all available platforms.

3.  Has your website design been updated in the last five years?

–  This ties in directly with question two.  If your site hasn’t been updated in this timeframe, it is likely that a large portion of the market is not seeing a device-optimized version of your site, which means your message is not fully reaching the intended audience.

4.  Has your site’s content been updated in the last month?

–  The only thing worse than having a poor platform for your company is having a platform with stale content.  If you are not updating your site, you are missing an opportunity to reach those who would like to learn more about your company.

If you would like to discuss any other website mistakes or this post, please leave a comment below.


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