6 Tips for Getting More Social with Social Media

The revolution has started and you’re in the front row. You’re at a decision point here: do you want to be a part of the change, or do you want to take a passive approach, carefully watching what everyone else is doing. If you chose the latter, go ahead and skip reading the rest of this post, crack the champagne and toast to your company’s impending decline.

This may seem like it’s a bit alarmist but it’s the truth. New technologies and ways to reach audiences come around once a generation. This generation’s change is social media, and it’s far more reaching in its impact to the way that people interact with companies. Things are no longer done in a one-to-many communication format. People expect instant results along with instant access to the people they are communicating with. Your business is included in these expectations.

With this instant gratification concept in mind, you’re probably wanting me to get to the point. Without any further lead-in, here are 6 tips for your company to get social with social media.

  1. Join the conversation Whether you’re involved in the conversation or not, people are talking about your company. Make sure that you’re getting in on the discussion and framing things on terms more agreeable to your organization.
  2. Join or create the community Have a software business? Setup forums for your software and keep techs actively posting. Have a restaurant? Build a following around your brand by interacting with both positive and negative reviewers on Yelp! Don’t be afraid to interact with people in various communities related to your brand.
  3. Add Value When you are on your favorite social media site do you read the ads, or do you read posts from your friends and places that add value for you personally? This is an easy answer. Your customers will use social media in a way that adds value for them. Being told what to buy without gaining any personal benefits will not be their go-to choice. Contributing in the community can give your company more exposure than simply announcing your presence.
  4. Be relatable, be real Posts should be relatable to the community you are targeting. This isn’t to say that posts shouldn’t have a professional feel or a message that builds the company’s profile, but it should be a goal to keep things sounding like they come from an actual person. Stay in touch with your audience rather than creating posts that are easily vetted out as a marketing department’s ploy for driving sales.
  5. Know your audience’s platform preference Follow the trends and try and target your social media presence for platforms that are most commonly used by your key demographic areas. If your company is targeting the 18-24 market, LinkedIn probably isn’t the best choice for building your community. Instagram is gaining in popularity with the younger crowds and Twitter is becoming a catch-all.
  6. Don’t feed the trolls This is more art than science, but try and determine who the trolls are in the community. There are some people with legitimate gripes who should be given the necessary attention to retain their business, but some social media users are just there to get a rise out of people. These people don’t contribute to the community and can eat up large chunks of your social media marketing time.

Social media is a far reaching marketing tool that isn’t being leveraged nearly to its capabilities. If your company hasn’t implemented any social media marketing efforts, without seeing your company, I can tell you that you have room for improvement. Come join the 21st century and hop on board for the new way to reach your customers.

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